Meet the Baker

Meet the Baker

Hi! My name is Michelle. I’ve been baking since I graduated college (not that long ago, but long enough)! At that time, I worked in higher education at Bowling Green State University and used to bake for my students, and I gave them each an “un-birthday,” just as an excuse to bake their favorite desserts and recognize them for their hard work.

Even though I left higher education for business consulting, I kept baking for friends and family as a way to celebrate their actual birthdays and holidays! And that is how Hott Tarts got started...

One of my best friends loves Nutella, so I baked him homemade Nutella Hott Tarts for his birthday. Some partygoers encouraged me to start a small business, and here I am two years later!

I love coming up with creative flavors and providing elevated pastry treats for everyone to enjoy. Thank you for supporting my passion and letting me live out my dream of being an at-home baker!

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