Hott Tarts

We are taking it back to the old school with homemade flakey buttery pie dough paired with flavorful fillings in homemade breakfast pastries! Delightfully brought to you by home-baker Michelle Doyle!

Hott Tarts are made to order and require a minimum of 2 days to be made from the time you order. Larger orders require two weeks' notice (i.e., Traditional Tart orders over 24 and Tiny Tarts orders over 50).

Complete a custom order for pick up in Lakewood, or check out where Hott Tarts are sold on the weekends and February events!

*Hott Tarts will be closed Wednesday, February 22-Monday, February 27.*

Tiny Tarts!

Tiny Tarts are bite-sized Hott Tarts great for parties and events!

You pick one flavor per 12 tarts!

Chocolate Malt
Chocolate malt filling with vanilla malt icing topped with a candy heart

Raspberry Cheesecake
Raspberry jam and brown sugar cream cheese filling topped with pink vanilla icing and Valentine's sprinkles

Cupid's Cookie Butter
Cookie butter filling with vanilla icing and heart sprinkles

Re-heating Instructions

  • Air Fryer (recommended): Heat at 350 degrees for 2-3 minutes

  • Conventional Oven: Heat at 350 degrees for 3-5 minutes

  • Microwave: Heat with a 1200 watt microwave for 15 seconds

  • Toaster: Hott Tarts are not recommended for the toaster

Sweet Heat
Spicy pepper jelly filling with sweet cream cheese filling topped with
vanilla icing

Apple Crisp
Cinnamon and sugar covered apples topped with brown sugar streusel and vanilla icing

Reece's Heart
Chocolate peanut butter filling with chocolate icing and a peanut butter heart

Ingredients and Storage

Store Hott Tarts in an airtight container:

  • Room temperature for 7 days (some Hott Tarts require refrigeration, please check the label)

  • Refrigerate for 14 days

  • Freeze up to 30 days

Warm Brown Sugar
Brown Sugar and cinnamon filling topped with cinnamon
sugar icing

Chocolate Covered Strawberry
Strawberry filling paired with chocolate icing topped with a dried strawberry heart

Chocolate with a hint of roasted hazelnut spread topped with vanilla icing, and sprinkles