Hott Tarts is on Hiatus

I appreciate your interest in Hott Tarts and supporting small local businesses. At this time, Hott Tarts is on hiatus due to some life changes. I will be sure to make a grand announcement when I will be retaking orders. If you have any questions, please reach out to

Thanks again,

Tiny Tarts

Chocolate and marshmallow filling topped with chocolate icing and graham crackers

Peachy Keen
Peach jam filling with vanilla icing and topped with bright summer sprinkles

Lemon Cookie
Lemon curd filling with vanilla icing and lemon cookie crumble topping

Coming soon!
Pupp Tarts

Blueberry Lemon
Blueberry filling with a  lemon glaze and sprinkles

Apple Crisp
Cinnamon and sugar covered apples topped with brown sugar streusel and vanilla icing

Summer Strawberry Sunshine
Strawberry filling with bright and sunny sprinkles topped with of
strawberry icing

The Big Poppa

Cookie Butter
Cookie butter filling with Biscoff crumble topping  

Chocolate with a hint of roasted hazelnut spread topped with vanilla icing and sprinkles

Warm Brown Sugar
Brown Sugar and cinnamon filling topped with cinnamon sugar icing